Office Worker

Noya Kohavi

I’d like to contribute to this conversation. My proposal is a re-write of what is essentially my design survey of the headquarters, transforming it to a poetic nonfiction narrative, infusing it with ambivalence and emotion.

This project continues and elaborates on my work as a writer and journalist. In the past, I’ve focused on non-fiction writing in the objective and new journalistic traditions. I reported on fine arts, design, culture and politics for Israeli and American publications. I’d like to further push the boundaries on the format of both non-fiction and design critique, and experiment with infusing them with poetic methods.

As a writer, I see the rewriting process as sense-making; revision and reform as narrative making - questioning what is real and what is true; a question that needs not be definitively answered, but which informs the creative tension. The project outcome is expected to be a text with some images. It can be distributed in physical and digital platforms, as part of a larger publication or independently as a zine or webzine.

The ideal impact should be a sense of communion with fellow office workers, one which hopefully will provide the solace and joy that comes from sometimes humorous, but deeply honest commiseration.