Margo Halverson

I thought I’d find and expose and establish rule sets for new image making in an effort to establish context for the upcoming Futurespective exhibition. With boxes of past DesignInquiry and Maine Summer Institute of Graphic Design ephemera, working on this culmination of 20 years work either bored me silly or scared me stiff in Vinalhaven. It could be that I’m still in the middle of it and have not decided why and for whom I’m doing this except as a bit of bringing-to-conclusion for the Fall 2019 exhibition. We gathered, we talked and I walked into the grey area of not knowing. Yet. I’d also brought along (anticipating a necessity to keep my hands busy during this heavier load of the unknown) a Bible, dictionary, atlas and an Emily Dickinson book of poetry. I quietly asked participants one by one to use any of these, and only these, to experiment with Rewrite in collage form with a common base format. They could add organic material as a palimpsest, take these texts and Rewrite. Simple. I continued this project at Devon and inserted a content direction in asking ask for a rewrite of any of the past DesignInquiry topic statements in effort to expose, expand, thwart or simply rewrite.