Lip Sink Rewrite V2

Margo Halverson

This prompt builds on the one for DI Vinalhaven, using a Bible, dictionary, atlas and an Emily Dickinson book of poetry to REWRITE in collage form.

DesignInquiry practices the unknown, the unplanned and the unfinished so I’m asking through this work to revision past DesignInquiry topic statements; adding a lipsinked, overdubbed, or rewritten version of Joy, More than Business as Usual, Motive Method Medium, Being Here, Make/Do, Pass•port, Fast Forward, Station, Access, No Quo, Wild_ness, Other/Wise, Production/Counter-production, DesignLess, Fail Again, Truth & Message, Motive, Method, Medium, and Rewrite.

I’m hoping these will be key pieces for the 2019 DI Futurespective exhibition.


Outcome by: Luke Waller
Outcome by: Mark Zurolo
Outcome by: Rebecca Ross
Outcome by: Victoria Grimwood
Outcome by: Victoria Grimwood