Situated Between

Arzu Ozkal and Tricia Treacy

Fueled by post-structuralist discourses, our project questions basic notions of meaning, permanency and authorship, creating a temporal platform for creative inquiry and experimentation. Believing that being outside of one’s own creative space (comfort zone) creates fertile territories with outcomes not always planned for, which allows us be in a state of constant questioning, experimentation, and play. When you leave one place, you reach another.

We are hoping that our time in Devon with other creatives will widen the dialogue we started with Situated Between. We will create a Fluxus-esque project for Devon, each day everyone will be provided with creative instructions. They will be asked to REWRITE the instructions. Daily happenings will breathe new expressions into our project.

Following step-by-step instructions is often a non-creative task. We rely on instructions to predict an outcome to be exact every time. Creative accidents take place when we do not correctly follow the instructions or interpret them in different ways. (For example, Sol LeWitt instructions.) The task of rewriting instructions liberates process from its dependency on delivering a result.

Through interactions with others—we will rewrite: the notions of our project, the parameters for new experiments, the performance and/or actions to which we will share results, and our approach to undergo the dispersing of unique printed matter.