Drawing with Ghosts

Anita Cooney and Emily Luce

In collaboration with Gail Swanlund.

The notion that rocks breathe is unproven but reminds that even the most stagnant of objects are in fact always in motion (moving molecules.) As our awareness and work becomes increasingly fine-grained and arguably denser (but still moving), the potential of not just detecting but operating within/parallel to and working amongst the plausibly uncertain becomes possible.

If we now understand that dogs can smell in three dimensions and see the potential in the fact that ancient greeks never used the colour blue to describe the sky, what are we missing by *not* considering the invisible possibilities of writing with/as ghosts in our work? What can the supernatural perspective contribute to design, for real?

We wish to un-write and non-write as much as rewrite; it is really with the unknown where we’re ready to sit and make.